Varnish 2.1 - Error 503 during Logrotate

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First, I want to thanks everyone who is contributing to this great piece of
software! Indeed, it's working very well and it's very efficient.


I just encounter a small problem : I use varnish/squeeze v2.1.3-8 on a
Debian Linux 6.0 web server with the kernel v2.6.32-5-amd64.

I use Virtualmin to manage this webserver and I set up Varnish on top of
apache2/squeeze v2.2.16-6+squeeze10.


During the logrotate process, Varnish gives 503 errors. I traced the problem
to the multiple apache2 graceful restart that are done during this process.

Indeed, I host plenty of websites (more than 100) on my web server and, for
each one, I have a block like this in my '/etc/logrotate.conf' file:


/var/log/virtualmin/mywebsite.fr_error_log {

        rotate 5




        /usr/sbin/apache2ctl graceful ; sleep 5




So, during the logrotate process (which lasts for 20 minutes), there is 100+
graceful restart of apache. 'graceful restart' are not supposed to terminate
existing connections so I don't understand why Varnish fails to work:
probably a mistake on my side!


In my VCL file, I just have "backend apache { .host = ""; .port
= "8080"; }" block along with the usual ones (acl purge, vcl_fetch, .). I
use the default Varnish configuration file, except that I raised the memory
to 4G and use ram to store the cache.


Any clue on how I can solve this small problem?


Thanks in advance,





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