Question of use of ACLs

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Thanks to both James Pearson and Per Buer for their suggestions.  I implemented the one below and it is working as desired.


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Excerpts from Jim Hayter's message of 2013-01-28 13:38:02 -0800:
> I am running Varnish 3.02 under Ubuntu 12.04.  
> I am familiar with the ACL example of setting up a list of IPs and testing client.ip against it to limit the ability to purge.
> I have an environment where I would like to check the IP of the originating request against an ACL to decide which backend to use.  The problem is that with a CDN and nginx in front of varnish, client.ip does not contain the appropriate IP.  The originating IP is available in one of the request headers.  Is there a way to convince varnish to compare the originating IP with the ACL?

Here's something I found on the subject:

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