Hi everyone

John Cihocki john at startupgiraffe.com
Thu Jul 18 06:55:47 CEST 2013

I am very curious about the oft quoted 5000 worker thread limit for varnish
instances. Particularly:

1) Is this recommendation still best practice despite having been made
years ago? Is it still relevant for -- now readily available -- beefier
server configurations like 16 or 32 cpu monsters with hundreds of GB RAM
and 10gb ethernet? Part of the original recommendation mentions bumping up
against file descriptor limits, but a cr1.8xlarge ec2 cluster instance
allows over 20m open file descriptors.
2) Is it the recommended limit for a single varnish instance, or a
recommended limit machine-wide. For instance, if I'm running 5 varnishd
instances on a single host, can each instance safely flex up to 5000 worker
threads concurrently or should the sum of worker threads across all
instances not exceed 5000?

Very interested to hear -- thanks!

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