Varnish pipe through for SSL requests

Yari Shima yarishima42 at
Thu Jul 25 01:31:29 CEST 2013


We have the following server setting:

First a Magento shop on a managed server. It serves the non-SSL and SSL 
traffic. Now we want to setup a varnish caching server. Because it is a 
managed server we cannot install any extra software on it, so we need to do it 
on another root server.

I setup varnish on this root server and for non-SSL requests everything works 
fine. Varnish should only cache non-SSL pages, everything regarding the 
checkout or account should not be cached by varnish. My question is, how do I 
have to setup varnish, that the SSL requests pipe through it and go directly 
to the managed server? And were do I have to install the SSL certificate?

Thanx in advance

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