Do you have Varnish 3 party pictures and want to share? :-)

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> Hi everyone!
> 18 parties all in all! Wow. Hope you have had your fun this far!

Actually 19, since Miami got proof:

> As most people has already celebrated (some parties are hold tomorrow) I
> would like to ask you to not forget to tag your pictures with #v3rp. We
> only have Flickr integration on the site, but I have noticed that almost no
> one uses Flickr anymore :-)
> I was thinking about adding all of the pictures (from twitpic and what
> not) to one album in Flickr where we can see how the fun went everywhere.
> So feel free to send me links to your pictures or even the pictures
> themselves and I will upload them to Flickr and let you all know once that
> is done, or at least have all the links in one page so people can easily
> have an overview.

Today I was planning some community activities, thinking about VUG7 and the
next Varnish main release. So as I was compiling all media from the V3
party, I thought I should share what I found for those interested:

   - Party Site:
   - London
   - Tokyo:
   - Tokyo Video:
   - Buenos Aires:
   - Oslo:
   - Oslo2:
   - Milan:
   - Milan2:
   - Boston:
   - Boston/Portalnd (Dries' blog):


So, please do. I will add my own, I promise ;-)

My phone was stolen in Düsseldorf that weekend so no pictures from me.

And with this email I am officially starting the idea to start creating
more meetups <> around the world and gear up
towards the next Varnish release, hopefully later this year (4.0, right? ;-)

Al the best,
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