varnishlog broken after reinstall

Julien Cornuwel cornuwel at
Thu Mar 21 15:21:52 CET 2013


I had varnish installed from debian packages. I removed it and compiled it
from source. Then I changed my mind again and reinstalled from package. I
know, I shouldn't have.

Varnish works fine, but varnishlog doesn't.

Lauched on its own, it looks for a file that was created by the source
install :
# /usr/bin/varnishlog
Cannot open /usr/local/var/varnish/test-jcornuwe/_.vsm: No such file or

If I try to force the correct file path :
# varnishlog -r /var/lib/varnish/test-jcornuwe/_.vsm
    0 Debug        - ""
    0 Debug        - ""
    0 Debug        - ""
    0 Debug        - ""
    0 Debug        - ""
    0 Debug        - ""

Said file is 84MB in size.

I can't find a config file that would have been overwritten and have no
idea how to get varnishlog to work again.
If there is a simple way to make varnish write its logs to a file, I'll
take it.

Any pointer?
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