Jason Price japrice at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 02:59:15 CET 2013

I'm working with vmod_redis to do some metrics gathering and sundry.
But I think I've got a memory leak in there.

Is there a recent, canonical implementation of vmod_redis?  I've
worked my way through github a couple of times trying to find 'the
one', but to no avail.  (ideally, the vmod_redis implementation would
support the pipeline call)

My symptoms:  Varnish, vmod_redis, and redis all work beautifully, but
after several hours, the redis connections start returning "Out of
memory" errors.  The server has stacks (10+GB) of unused ram, so
that's not the problem.  I believe my threads are bumping into
'thread_pool_workspace" or a similar limit, but I'm having challenges
proving that assertion.  I know redis isn't the problem because other
clients can connect to it without issue at the same time varnish

Thank you for any pointers;

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