Sizing Varnish RAM after over allocation

Gabriel Filion gabster at
Wed Oct 2 07:52:12 CEST 2013

Hey there,

On 01/10/13 01:29 PM, Crowder, Travis wrote:
> I am trying to properly size our Varnish cache size after it's been
> allocated way too much memory.  The system is using about 10GB of RAM
> for Varnish.

I'm going to venture an answer that you might consider boring, but if
your configuration is "too big", then it's quite easy to approximate how
much memory you need by graphing the server's actual cache usage.

the longer you've been graphing for, the better the estimate. plan to
give a little more memory than the maximum consumption and, although not
perfect, it "should" be good enough.

Gabriel Filion

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