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Tim Dunphy bluethundr at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 02:37:19 CET 2014


 I've been on this list for a while now. And I've always been impressed
with how eager, friendly and competent the help has been. I haven't always
been the best at replying to advice I've been given here. And for that I do

But I seem to be making some progress in learning how to use Varnish. And I
absolutely could not have been able to get that start without the help I
got from this list. So thank you!

Especially to Thierry who actually taught me how to overcome my
cache-busting problem of the site I was trying to cache producing cookie
headers. He showed me the magic forumla to get past that.

And now look at the cache hits I'm getting from the site:

Hitrate ratio:       10      100      440
*Hitrate avg:     0.9999   0.9121   0.8825*

Pretty nice, huh? If I read that correctly (and I'm not completely sure I
am) I seem to be getting a 99% cache hit rate on this site?

This is just for a demo site I put up with a couple of friends. But I do
use Varnish very regularly at a major web company and the knowledge I gain
there does translate directly to my work. So this is all great stuff.

Thanks again varnish guys. You rock!!


GPG me!!

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