Varnish is functioning and caching but varnihstat show no hits

Matt Collier collier.matthew at
Wed Feb 5 18:38:32 CET 2014

I am running varnish v. 3.05 on a debian server. I have had varnish 
running on this server for a long while now and I am not having any 
problems with the installation except:

When I run varnishstat, my hit ratio is 0, and when I run varnishstat -1 
it shows 0 client connections accepted.  I can also add that the server 
uptime displayed in the upper left hand corner of varnishstat is does 
not appear to be incrementing properly.  It's been sitting at 0+00:00:00 
for the last hour.

There are values in other misc. items such as backend_busy, backend_reuse

The varnishtop utility shows activity as expected.

I read that it is possible for varnishstat to connect to the wrong 
daemon if a name is not specified, so I am utilizing the -n parameter in 
starting the daemon and varnishstat

I am quite certain varnish is serving the data and even getting cache 
hits through the use of tools like

The site name is 
<> if you'd like to see for yourself.

I am familiar with cookie issues relating to the use of CMS's. I believe 
I have adequately addressed all these issues. Again, tools like show the proper "X-Varnish-Cache:HIT" header.

I can add that I upgraded varnish from 3.0.2-3 to 3.0.4-1 in August of 
last year.  I upgraded from 3.04 to 3.05 today.

EDIT: I just found this post of someone reporting similar symptoms:

Matt Collier
Floyd EcoVillage
Floyd, VA

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