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Hernán Marsili hernan at
Mon Feb 24 20:35:40 CET 2014


We are 'tuning' a VCL for an editorial site. We we need is basically to
cache all images, css, js, fonts (for about 600 seconds and 7200 seconds
depending on the directory) and HTML (for 60 seconds).

When a user is logged in, we want to read a cookie named LOGD and DO NOT
cache HTML and set the expires on 0. Also, we included some directories and
URL we don't want to cache.

We are getting an erratic behavior with the HTML caching. Sometime it
works, sometimes it doesn't but we are we are getting MISS when we should
be getting HITs. Or for example, we get a MISS, refresh and get a HIT.
Close the browser, enter again and we get another MISS.

Here is the VCL we built.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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