Issues restricting HTTP purges based on an ACL

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> On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 5:13 PM, Andrew Langhorn
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> > Hi Per,
> >
> > Yes - our CDN currently runs 2.1. I've tried Thomas' suggestion out, and
> I'm still able to purge from an IP I shouldn't be able to...
> I can't help you with varnish 2.1, and obviously there is no standard
> vmod before 3.0, and no custom logging (unless maybe with inline C)...
I hope that we'll be able to upgrade to Varnish 3 in the near future -
until then, I'm afraid I'm still stuck with 2.1.

> You can get the client.ip, http method, and request headers for each

request, can't you ?

Yes, we appear to be able to - using the client IP works fine elsewhere in
our VCL. I'll see what else our vendor's support can come up with.

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