Varnish for multiple domains in cpanel

Stefan Caunter stef at
Sat Jul 26 13:58:59 CEST 2014

On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 7:04 AM, Lakshmi Mahesh Babu <yobabu at> wrote:
> Hi, I would like to serve multiple domains with their own VCLs. I have 128GB
> RAM server and I have around 50 CMS sites and I want to serve all dynamic
> content via varnish except SSL content. I am able to do this for just one
> site as usual, but all sites have different CMS and all dont fit into one
> VCL. I want the ability to purge cache for all sites individually. I have
> seen forums and mailing lists that are available in public, but nowhere I
> could find the default.vcl that can be configured with mutliple VCLs. I am
> not a typical regular programmer. Please help with this. This is not
> commercial project but my content sites needs to be given some speed boost.
> Please help with this.

50 sites? Are you under the impression that there is a way to
automagically detect how each webapp and cms works, and somehow
reverse engineer appropriate caching rules that don't completely break
how the sites work?
You write specific vcl for each one and test each one until it works
properly. That's what everyone does.

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