vcl_miss for PURGE in varnish 4.0

Suyog Shirgaonkar suyogs at
Mon Jul 28 12:24:27 CEST 2014

Hello,Have we obsolete use of vcl_miss with version 4.0.1 for purge calls. Objects not available in cache also responds with 200 Purged as the calls to purge is always successful. Is there any remedy available to distinguish if the objects are present in the cache or not after i send a PURGE call. Below is a sample purge call which should have missed. I am calling synthentic response after it lands upto vcl_synth.MY VCL:        if (req.method == "PURGE") {                if (!client.ip ~ purge) {                        return (synth(000, "Not Allowed"));                }                return (purge);        }Varnishlog:-   ReqMethod      PURGE-   ReqURL         XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-   ReqProtocol    HTTP/1.1-   ReqHeader      User-Agent: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-   ReqHeader      Accept: */*-   ReqHeader      Host:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-   ReqHeader      X-Forwarded-For: ::1-   VCL_call       RECV-   ReqUnset       Host:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-   ReqHeader      host: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-   VCL_acl        MATCH purge "localhost"-   VCL_acl        MATCH purge "localhost"-   VCL_return     purge-   VCL_call       HASH-   VCL_return     lookup-   VCL_call       PURGE-   Debug          "VCL_error(200, Purged)"-   VCL_return     synth-   Timestamp      Process: 1406541624.863881 0.000110 0.000110-   RespHeader     Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 10:00:24 GMT-   RespHeader     Server: Varnish-   RespHeader     X-Varnish: 3607188-   RespProtocol   HTTP/1.1-   RespStatus     200-   RespReason     OK-   RespReason     Purged-   VCL_call       SYNTH-   RespHeader     Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8-   VCL_return     deliver-   RespHeader     Content-Length: 602-   Debug          "RES_MODE 2"-   RespHeader     Connection: keep-alive-   RespHeader     Accept-Ranges: bytes-   Timestamp      Resp: 1406541624.863990 0.000220 0.000110-   ReqAcct        212 0 212 204 602 806-   EndRegards,Suyog Shirgaonkar 
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