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> Hi,
> my backend is sending chunked response (~100chunks, 100bytes each). it
> seems varnish then sends it again using chunked encoding but only as one
> big chunk. the app is sort of a json streaming system and the whole point
> of sending the responses in chunks is for the client to be able to handle
> each chunk asap once they are available. unfortunately varnish cumulates it
> into (which means waits for) one big chunk so the whole advantage of early
> client processing is gone.
> is there any way to control this in varnish - ie. some timeouts or buffer
> sizes etc (not interested in piping)?

This would require streaming. Varnish 3.0 will wait for the whole object to
arrive before forwarding it. Use Varnish 4.0 or dig out the streaming
patches. Set do_stream = true.

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