R: support to install varnish on a VPS (Plesk on Centos)

Alessio (Personale) manca.alessio at tiscali.it
Mon Mar 10 16:46:59 CET 2014

Thanks "John". 
Using "rpm -qa | grep varnish"
I find "varnish-release-3.0-1.noarch" this sould confirm it's installed.
I confirm you I'm running on CentOS 6.

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Oggetto: Re: support to install varnish on a VPS (Plesk on Centos)

From: Alessio (Personale) <manca.alessio at tiscali.it>

> could anyone help me in finding a good howto for the 

> varnish installation?
> I tried with 
> http://geroldm.com/2013/05/install-varnish-on-plesk-11-server/ 
> but after installation there are no “/etc/sysconfig/varnish”
> and “/etc/varnish/default.vcl” files 
Which rpm did it install (if it did)...?
  # rpm -qa | grep varnish
The howto you used is based on (the old) CentOS 5.
Are you on CentOS 6 or still on CentOS 5...?

If you are on 6, you should install the corresponding varnish repository:


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