Varnishd stops sending logs to VSM after a while

Raymond Jennings raymond.jennings at
Fri Mar 14 23:05:04 CET 2014

We have "another layer" on top of ec2 so it is a little more complicated to
explain but the -n option does sound useful.  Thanks.

On Mar 14, 2014, at 6:02 PM, Stephen Wood <smwood4 at> wrote:

That's possible, but EC2 instances should only change their hostnames after
a physical reboot or after being shut-off and turned on. This has been my
experience at least.

I believe the default work dir for varnishd is /var/lib/varnish/<hostname>,
so if you have a changing hostname that could potentially cause issues. I'm
not sure how that would affect varnishncsa and varnishlog.

You can hard-code this directory using the -n option when starting varnishd.
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