varnish .htaccess IP restrictions

Anton Kornexl Anton.Kornexl at Uni-Passau.De
Mon Mar 24 17:54:54 CET 2014


our users can enter IP access restrictions in .htaccess files
e.g .allow from
deny from

If a client from accesses a file in the restricted location, it
is successfully fetched from varnish and cached in varnish.
Later another client from request the same file and receives
the cached file without checking the IP address.

Is there a way to automagically add and check such restrictions to
cached objects?

Kindly regards
Anton Kornexl

Rechenzentrum Universität Passau
Innstr. 33
D-94032 Passau
Tel.: 0851/509-1812
Fax:  0851/509-1802

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