Threads in 4.0

James Harrison james at
Thu May 15 13:41:45 CEST 2014


So I migrated a site dealing with a quite simple Varnish config
(basically caching images and static content, passing through dynamic
requests with no modifications etc) last week. Since then I've had to
restart varnish twice due to what looks like a thread pool leak.

Varnish is configured with a max thread count of 1000 - the other
thread options are defaults. With all defaults the problem still
occurs. This is a Debian Wheezy system using the Varnish packages (ie
not system packages).

varnishstat shows MAIN.threads as 500 and has ~7.5k, 8k for
created/destroyed (11 for limited). Varnish has served a TB of content
since restart a day ago in this state.

`ps auxH | grep varnish | wc -l` shows varnish has 7508
threads/processes running.

This graph shows the rapid increase in running threads - I restarted
varnish with the lower pool limit at the end of the 13th:

Any ideas?


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