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I think you should be able to use varnishtop and varnishlog to achieve what you’re after.

varnishtop will let you see which URLs are hitting your backend(s) most often. Something like varnishtop -i txurl might be a good starting point, although the docs[1] have some further details on its use.

varnishlog will let you search your logs for a given URL to look at the request. varnishlog -c -m ‘RxURL:^/foo/bar’ will show you requests from client (-c) for /foo/bar


[1] https://www.varnish-cache.org/docs/4.0/users-guide/operation-statistics.html#users-guide-statistics
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Hello everyone:
    I am a newbie of varnish 4.0 . Can I check the hitrate in the varnishstat command? This command's output is diffrent from version 3.0.
    Thank you!


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