Libc Error with Vmod-dbrw

Matt . yamakasi.014 at
Tue May 27 23:45:52 CEST 2014


I'm testing the Vmod-dbrw module on 3.0.2 on Ubuntu which gives me the
following error on starting Varnish:

 May 27 12:17:46 proxy-01 varnishd[1414]: Pushing vcls failed:#012CLI
communication error (hdr)

 kernel: [  616.137618] varnishd[1659]: segfault at 0 ip
00007f56f8084ad4 sp 00007fffff54ae70 error 4 in[7f56f8048000+1b5000]

It seem that this happens when I add whatever like this in my vcl file:

sub vcl_init {
                    "SELECT dest,pattern,value FROM rewrite WHERE
host='$host' and '$url' like url");

Can anyone help me out here ?

I also informed the developer of this module.



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