Need step by step document for windows executions

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Thank you ...I done that part but now I am struck how to check varnishlog on windows .. if anyone can help that will be great. I know on linux we can do all possible but my application run on windows and have restriction to connect or create vm . So struggling .. Please share your though about Varnishlog on windows.

Thanks &   Regards,
Mahesh Bubanale

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Hi Mahesh,

About Varnish on Windows, you can read:

You have to install Cygwin + Varnish package at your windows. It is not suitable for production environment, it has not been tested at real environments!
Install Full Cygwin environment with varnish package ¶<>

The tar.xz package file is installed inside Cygwin environment using cygwin installer:

  *   32 bits installer:<>
  *   64 bits installer:<>

Follow this steps:

  *   Download setup-x64.exe (32 bits) or setup-x86_64.exe (64 bits) at localhost
  *   Install CYGWIN enviroment executing installer
  *   Option one:

     *   On package selection list, select "varnish" package from package list in Web category, package will be download from cygwin servers.
     *   See:<>

  *   Option two:

     *   Download cygport varnish-*.tar.xz varnish package files from<>
     *   Execute "setup.exe", select "Install from Local Directory" and select path where *.tar.xz files are located.

El 15/05/2014 13:42, Mahesh Narsappa Bubanale escribió:
I am new to Varnish and doing some demo project.
I need very informative document to execute Varnish on Windows and also need more information to execute caching mechanism on my application.

Mahesh Bubanale


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