Question about varnish memory usage

Adam Schumacher adam.schumacher at
Thu Sep 18 17:49:21 CEST 2014

>IIRC it means up to 4000x24x262144 bytes of RAM (about 24Go) *only*
>for worker workspaces.
>Probably not what you want.

Yeah, I had noticed that too.  It is something I need to work on to figure
out what the optimal setting is.  However, the server is only using 792
worker threads which works out to < 200m for worker workspaces.

n_wrk                      792          .   N worker threads

One thing I am confused about is that in the man page, thread_pool_stack
default value is -1.  I assume that means use the max defined by the OS?
In FreeBSD, I think the default thread stack size is 64K, so that
*shouldn’t* be a problem here, right?


Thanks for catching that, I’ll correct it.

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