Varnish and Docker

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Tue Dec 8 22:33:40 CET 2015


we have recently open sourced a Dockerfile for creating a Varnish image,
available in a GitHub repo <> as
well as in a Docker Hub repository

I'd like to solicit feedback from you and invite the Varnish community to
contribute to this effort.

Most Dockerfiles install Varnish via a linux package manager, which makes
it impossible to install VMODs because they need to be compiled against
Varnish source. This image installs Varnish from source, and has
straight-forward instructions and boilerplate for installing a VMOD.

Not so far down the road, we can make a proposal to the Docker community to
create an official repository
for Docker. This would be a great step forward for easing Varnish adoption
in this area.


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