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> Ladies, gents
> In the Varnish on-line docs (section Tuning) there's a paragraph that
> states:
> "We rarely recommend running with more than 5000 threads. If you
> seem to need more than 5000 threads, it’s very likely that there is
> something not quite right about your setup.."
Those are my words. 99% installation have a request rate under 2-3000
request per second and 5000 threads is more than enough. We've seen quite a
few people adding tens of thousands of threads. I should probably replace
with something like a formula.

There are no well defined limits wrt capacity but in general people seem to
struggle to push Varnish significantly beyond 15Gbps with real with
traffic. I have not experienced this first hand and nobody has given me
access to a live server with those kind of traffic numbers on it. Also,
nobody get particularly specific wrt what breaks. I think it definitely
should be possible to reach 20Gbps without any issue, but that is more an
opinion than a fact.

With synthetic traffic it is no problem reaching 80Gbps.

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