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Thank you very much. Is there an estimate time for h2 support? (first
quarter 2016, mid-year, etc?). Just to have a notion.

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> Hi,
> For a more detailed answer : we don't support H/2 in varnish yet (working
> on it!). So, if you really really want H/2, having nginx in front of
> varnish can be a solution.
> If you are only interested in https, however, varnish 4.1 and onward
> supports the proxy protocol. It will allow to use and SSL/TLS terminator
> such as hitch or haproxy that will handle the encryption for you.
> The advantage to using the proxy protocol is that varnish is aware of it.
> If you use nginx to proxy the requests, varnish will only see one client:
> nginx. This means you'll have to do some gymnastics with XFF headers if you
> want to filter by ip address for example. Plus, nginx is a bit overkill in
> terms of resources to just be a tls terminator.
> Migrating to varnish 4 requires a bit of work (not that much, really), but
> it's worth it, especially considering v3 is EOL.
> --
> Guillaume Quintard
> On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 9:27 PM, Mattias Geniar <mattias at>
> wrote:
>> > Can anyone point us on the right direction here?
>> What you need is a reverse proxy in front of your Varnish instances:
>> consider running a tool like Nginx (which has HTTP/2 support in its
>> mainline repositories) that does all your TLS connections and proxies the
>> request on to Varnish, to keep optimising the cache.
>> Mattias
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