Cannot figure out why I am getting a miss on a static URL

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Fri Jan 16 16:21:11 CET 2015

Have you tried logging the requests that get misses? Perhaps that could give some additional info.

varnishlog -q "VCL_call ~ 'MISS'"

Also you could provide the vcl because without that it’s really hard to know what happens...

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varnishncsa clearly shows hits and misses within a 24 hour period despite clearly setting the TTL to 24 hours.  Varnishlog clearly shows the TTL being set to 24 hours.  I have NO lru_nuked objects as clearly shown by the varnish stats.

I'm not sure what is vague.  I am setting an object for a TTL of 24 hours yet during that 24 hour period it is still getting miss requests.  The URLs in question have no GET parameters.  I am hashing only on the URL and not the hostname.

So what does this tell me?  It tells me that my cache size is big enough.

My guess is there is some type of contention from locking of some type given other requests coming through.  There are quite a few PUT and POST requests that pass through this Varnish server.

Ummmm, I hardly think that "anyone can't help me."  I think most definitely "someone" that has some insight about the internals could shed some light on this problem.

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On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 10:01 AM, Dridi Boukelmoune <dridi.boukelmoune at<mailto:dridi.boukelmoune at>> wrote:
Hi Raymond,

Have you looked at the logs?

Your description of the issue is too vague, I don't think anyone can
help you with just that.


On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 3:36 PM, Jennings III, Raymond
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> I have a static URL that I set a TTL for 24h but yet every so many minutes I
> get a "miss" (as shown in my varnishncsa.)
> I purge this URL every 24 hours.
> 1 - The URL never has any parameters.
> 2 - I do not hash over the hostname only the URI
> 3 - Nobody is issuing any PURGE or BAN requests
> 4 - n_lru_nuked is always 0
> 5 - There are no 500 or 400 responses
> What is causing this URL to get a miss when everything I see looks good?  If
> the cache size has been exceeded I would have expected to see the nuked
> value be something other than 0.
> vcl_fetch is basically just:
> set beresp.ttl = 24h;
> return(deliver);
> Any reason why Varnish seems to be taking it upon itself to cause this miss?
> In 24 hours I get about 12000 requests and out of those 120 misses and I
> should see 2 miss requests at most.
> The backends are healthy.
> This is varnish-3.0.6-1.el6.x86_64
> Thanks.
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