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Michael excelsio at
Mon Jul 13 19:31:04 CEST 2015


So far I´ve setup pound with varnish. It´s working fine, except one thing:

  * The webserver itself is reachable via
    Several new domains have been added with similar looking names and
    tld endings, e.g.
  * A client connects with its browser to,
    is passed to pound and varnish. Varnish gets the data from
    ""-server. Unfortunately the apache
    server of that one is configured to always return
    "" to the client, i.e. the client sees
    "" instead of
  * the apache configuration of the web server won´t be changed
  * So I´m looking for a possibility to change the URL being displayed
    at the client´s browser.
  * Is there any possibility to change this within varnish?

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