Long URL's are truncated

Jesper Larsen jla at fcoo.dk
Thu Oct 22 00:29:44 CEST 2015

Hi Varnish people

(Warning: new to Varnish:-)

I am using varnishtop (varnish 4.0.3 on Ubuntu) to figure out whether my Varnish setup caches my stuff properly. The backend server is however a web service for which the URL's to the resources are very long (> 256 characters). And many of the requests are actually identical at least up to the first 256 characters.

When I run:

varnishtop -i BereqURL -1

it does however seem like it is only showing the first 254 characters (or so) of the URL's and it does in fact also seem like the URL's which are identical up to this number of characters are "lumped" together increasing the count of backend requests for that particular resource. This makes it hard to see if requests are in fact cached properly. The same issue seems to affect at least varnishncsa (I guess it comes from varnishlog).

Is there any way to make varnishtop use the entire URL?

Best regards,

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