varnishlog: decode timestamps

Allan Wind allan_wind at
Wed Aug 10 21:25:50 CEST 2016

Would it be possible to enhance varnishlog to decode timestamps?  
Fractional seconds after epoch is not particular human readable:

Timestamp      Start: 1470804759.626229 0.000000 0.000000
TTL            RFC 2592000 10 -1 1470831256 1470831256 1470831255 
1473423255 2592000

You need to decode these manually to cross referencing other 
logs, i.e.:

date -d '@1470804759.626229' --iso-8601=ns

I suggest the ISO 8601 format, but pretty much anything is better 
to me than the current format.  Make sure, however, to figure out 
the timezone from the TZ environment variable is consulted so you 
can get either locatime and UTC (if not set).

Allan Wind

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