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Thu Aug 18 12:10:18 CEST 2016

Hi Team

I'm very newbie to VARNISH. Currently I have few doubts around the same

   - I have Varnish 4.0 version running at my end with TTL being 2 hrs
   - Im using malloc storage
   - But here I have a strange problem after I use Varnish during a load
   test o an hour time ,  the memory shoots to 80% . Then I assumed after the
   TTL of 2 hrs , the memory to come down. But still after many hours still
   the memory is holding up at 80%
   - So here few doubts , after TTL do Varnish releases the consumed
   memory. Correct me if I'm wrong. Or do we need to explicitly purge it??
   - Is VARNISH will hold up some memory with out releasing it for its
   operations ?

Best Regards
Sujith P V
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