varnishadm backend.list missing IPs

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at
Mon Feb 8 10:14:38 CET 2016

Hi Tim,

> I have just upgraded to Varnish-4.1.1 from Varnish-4.0 and I have noticed
> that `varnishadm backend.list` no longer displays the
> IP address of the backend.

That's because backends are no longer shared but owned by VCLs, so
instead of being named like 4.0's $BACKEND($IPv4,$IPv6,$PORT) they are
now named $VCL.$BACKEND.

> We were using this to monitor the backends health in Nagios NRPE check but
> this no longer works.

Yes, 4.1 is a major release and breaks compatibility in some places.

> Is there a way of making backend.list display the IP addresses again?

I think not.

> Or is there a better way to monitor the backends in nagios?

I don't know, you can know the state of your backends as seen by
Varnish but you should probably also monitor your backends directly
with nagios.


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