Varnish url redirection does not work at at
Fri Feb 26 11:01:57 CET 2016

I would like to ask your for help after explaining the case and the 
infrastructure for this domain. In the varnish configuration I restrict 
some types of files to be accessed and downloaded and if some customer 
wants to use this functionality I configure subdomain on it's domain on 
nginx where these restrictions are not present. Although, my customer do 
not want to change the links to the new subdomains (which rely on nginx) 
in it's application and I want to redirect all old urls 
( to the new one -, 
so if someone open the old url it's redirected to the subdomain on nginx 
and the content to be loaded from nginx, not varnish (as the way cpanel 
domain forwarder works).
The problem is that when I followed and configured the varnish official 
documentation url guide it just change the url in varnishlog, but the 
content is again openef from varnish, not nginx, also the url in the 
browser is not rewritten.

My questions are 1) is it possible and if yes how, but if not 2) what 
workaround can I use?

Thank you in advance. I will wait for you reply.
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