Varnish on ubuntu, malloc configuration

Bertrand Caplet bertrand.caplet at
Wed Jan 6 19:54:03 CET 2016

Hi all,
I have installed varnish a while ago on a ubuntu server but now I need
varnish to use less memory.
I did configure in /etc/default/varnish the DAEMON_OPTS to :
"-a :6081 \
             -T localhost:6082 \
             -f /etc/varnish/default.vcl \
             -S /etc/varnish/secret \
             -p thread_pools= 8 \
             -p thread_pool_max=50 \
             -s malloc,128m"
but varnish is still configured with malloc,256m.
I also tried to change directly configuration in /etc/init.d/varnish but
same problem.

Do you have a clue ?

Thanks in advance,

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