ACLs limts/perfs ?

Tobias Eichelbrönner tobias.eichelbroenner at
Thu Jan 28 11:38:02 CET 2016

> Thanks for your answer — that was also our thoughts. It's pretty
> impressive to see how far we can go with varnish, as well as how many
> connections it can handle without a single leap :).

we had once a varnish setup running containing VCL-Code with several
million lines generated by a script. Varnish was doing fine delivering
some 1000/s.

> Regarding the GCC: I think it uses it (default debian install) — is
> there a way to make the compilation a bit faster? Our vcl is big (really
> big)… and it takes some minutes to compile each time. Yes. Minutes. [khof].

We also hat do deal with this. It took us more than an hour to compile
the vcl. Our solutions was to compile it on a backend server, copy the
.so File to the frontends and load it into the running Varnishes there.



P.S.: By the way. Later we took the data contained within the VCL and
put it into a redis db. We wrote a simple vmod to query the information
out of the database and does all required logic based on the data with
some simple lines of code. Maybe this is a better solution for you, too.

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