Varnich Memory in 90% holding continously

sujith pv sujithnss at
Wed Jul 13 13:45:55 CEST 2016

Hi Team

I have just started using Varnish in product environment. We did a load
test (matching the Live load) in our application. Please find the below

   - Varnish with memalloc 8Gb
   - Varnish TTL is 2 hours
   - Varnish was idle just prior to test. But still memory usage was 30 %
   - Varnish log size was in few Kbs only
   - During the first 30 minutes of test, Varnish memory reached 90% .
   - Varnish log size reached 1 GB.
   - Immediately we stopped our test.

After a week again we just checked the Varnish memory (until this Varnish
was idle) , still it was showing up as 90% as it was during the test

So I was totally confused in alaysing this issue. Could you guys share some
thoughts around this please...

Best Regards
Sujith P V
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