Varnish threads growing until no response

Guillaume Quintard guillaume at
Wed Jul 27 16:01:51 CEST 2016

Sorry, TL;DR, but you have at least one problem:

        Value is: 0.000 [seconds] (default)
        Minimum is: 0.000

        Wait at least this long after creating a thread.

        Some (buggy) systems may need a short (sub-second) delay
        between creating threads.
        Set this to a few milliseconds if you see the 'threads_failed'
        counter grow too much.

        Setting this too high results in insuffient worker threads.

        NB: We do not know yet if it is a good idea to change this
        parameter, or if the default value is even sensible.  Caution
        is advised, and feedback is most welcome.

This parameter is now in seconds, that has been know to bite some users.

(but thanks to you, I'm only now noticing a typo in the description,

Can you set thread_pool_add_delay to 0 and let us know how it goes?

Guillaume Quintard
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