varnishncsa logs split per domain

Admin Beckspaced admin at
Sat Nov 12 11:52:28 CET 2016

hello there ;)

since putting varnish version 5 in front of my apache backend the apache 
access logs don't fill up and webalizer has no data to process.

I know that I can use varnishncsa to create logs in apache format.

but since I'm using multiple domains I would need logs per domain.
I see that there's the -q <query> option

I found stuff by google like:

varnishncsa -m "RxHeader:^Host:$" -a -w 
/var/log/varnish/ -D

but I see that the -m param is no longer available in version 5?

how could i use that -q <query> param so varnishncsa would produce 
different logs for different domains?

would a regex query on the host like below be possible?

varnishncsa -q "ReqHost ~ '^$' " -a -w 
/var/log/varnish/ -D
varnishncsa -q "ReqHost ~ '^$' " -a -w 
/var/log/varnish/ -D

where can I find a list of variables I can use in the vsl-query language?
a RTFM with the proper link would be perfect ;)

thanks & greetings

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