bitrate and memory allocated

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Mon Sep 5 10:15:23 CEST 2016

On Sat, Sep 3, 2016 at 12:14 PM, Miguel González
<miguel_3_gonzalez at> wrote:
> Why I don´t get a copy of my messages and I do get the rest of emails? I
> have just double checked my settings and I should get a copy of my messages

I don't know, but I found your emails in my spam folder.

> On 09/03/16 11:59 AM, Miguel González wrote:
>> Dear all,
>>   I have Varnish 4.0.3 in front of a WHM/Cpanel hosting around 40
>> Wordpress sites. Only 4-5 sites are quite visited but the rest are blogs
>> that don´t have many visits.

<insert here usual advice to upgrade to 4.1 soon>

>>   I have assigned in malloc 6 Gb of RAM but I have been checking the
>> numbers provided by varnishstat and after 12 hours I don´t even get
>> close to 1 Gb of RAM (I assume c_bytes is what stands for) used by varnish:

Look at the varnish-counters manual for better understanding.
SMA.*.c_bytes is the counter for all bytes allocated by your malloc
storage while SMA.*.g_bytes is the gauge for the current amount of
allocated bytes.

>>  varnishstat -1 |grep SMA
>> SMA.s0.c_req                             33969         0.76 Allocator
>> requests
>> SMA.s0.c_fail                                0         0.00 Allocator
>> failures
>> SMA.s0.c_bytes                       984052835     21896.06 Bytes allocated
>> SMA.s0.c_freed                       395844358      8807.89 Bytes freed
>> SMA.s0.g_alloc                           19833          .   Allocations
>> outstanding
>> SMA.s0.g_bytes                       588208477          .   Bytes
>> outstanding
>> SMA.s0.g_space                      5854242467          .   Bytes available

Why is your Transient storage missing? By default it's an unbounded
malloc storage.

>>  I had a ttl of 2 hours and now I have changed it to 24 hours, maybe I
>> will increase it if I see the RAM allocated to Varnish is not entirely
>> used. The bitrate is erratic, reaching almost 1 and then dropping to
>> less than 0.5.
>> Are my assumptions right?

I'm not sure to understand your assumptions, but basically what you
give for storage (eg 6GB) is what you get for storage and storage

It doesn't include the rest of your Varnish memory footprint.

>> Another question, I know that running varnishtop I get the current most
>> visited site, but how do I aggregate that info over the hours? I would
>> like to get a picture of which are the most used sites (I´m considering
>> separating storages and dedicate only RAM for the most used and have
>> disk storage for the rest).

I don't know, shell scripting on top of varnishtop?

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