Varnish leaves old configs behind.

Gerhard Schmidt schmidt at
Mon Sep 5 12:35:17 CEST 2016


I'm in the process of upgrading from Varnish3 to varnish41.

I have a system running that creates the configs on the fly and sends
them to varnish via admin connection.

The system works after the needed modifications. The Problem is that
varnish is polluting my hard drive with old configs.

Every time my system generates a new config varnish creates a directory
with the config name and stores the compiled config there. When i delete
the config via vcl.discard the directory and the remain in the
directory. In the admin connection the config disappears when usage
count dropped to 0.

After just one week it's about 400 MB already.

Did i miss something?


P.S. it's varnish 4.1.3 on FreeBSD 10.3

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