Problem Upgrade to Varnish 4.1 - Multiple Backends Not Working

Drew, AJ Drew.AJ at
Fri Sep 23 13:52:14 CEST 2016


We are trying to upgrade to Varnish 4.1 from Varnish 3.0.5.

Most things are working fine, but a big problem we are running into is that we have multiple backends.  We switch backends based on URLs.  This was working fine in Varnish 3, but when we switched over to Varnish 4, it stopped working.

I have tried many variations of the URLs, and even simplified the directors so that they only contain one backend (in my tests) so that I could switch from trying the backend directly to trying the director.

Using either of the options does not seem to matter.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Here are the sections of my VCL that contain the backends / director definitions and the if statements to switch.  I have also left in the different options (lines) I have used to come up with different combinations for testing.

probe B_probe {
        .request =
        "GET  /zzzzzz/status.php HTTP/1.1"
        "Connection: close";
        .timeout   = 0.3 s;
        .window    = 8;
        .threshold = 7;

backend B_backend1 {
        .host = "";
        .port = "8080";
        .probe = B_probe;

backend syscheck {
#        .host = "localhost";
        .host = "";
        .port = "8081";

backend searchBackend {
        .host = "";
        .port = "80";

backend providerBackend {
        .host = "";
        .port = "80";

sub vcl_init {
        new examplehosts = directors.round_robin();

        new examplesyscheck = directors.round_robin();

sub vcl_recv {

#       set req.backend_hint = examplehosts.backend();
        set req.backend_hint = B_backend1;

        if (req.url ~ "^/syscheck/.*$") {
#       if (req.url ~ "^/syscheck/*") {
#       if (req.url ~ "^/syscheck/") {
                set req.backend_hint = syscheck;
#               set req.backend_hint = examplesyscheck.backend();

        # Add simple health check for upstream load balancers
        if (req.url ~ "^/health-check") {
                return( synth(200, "UP"));


A J Drew

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