Varnish sending incomplete responses when nuking objects

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Mon Dec 11 09:09:57 UTC 2017

> On 11 Dec 2017, at 07:51, Radu Moisa <rmoisa at> wrote:
> Hi!
> Thanks a lot for the hint!
> Just so that I understand it better, nuke_limit is the "Maximum number of objects we attempt to nuke in order to make space for a object body."
> If I set it to something like 9999999, varnish will throw out only the number of objects needed to make room for the new request, not the nuke_limit number of objects, right?

Yes, that's right. While trying to store an object in the cache, if not enough free space is available, Varnish will nuke up to 'nuke_limit' objects. This will happen incrementally, while the object is being fetched from the backend, stored in the cache, and eventually also being streamed to one or more clients. If the 'nuke_limit' is reached the object won't be cached and client responses will be closed (and therefore clients will end up with a truncated response).


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