Varnish 4.1.4 - MAIN.n_gunzip counter increasing for every MAIN.backend_req

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Fri Jan 6 10:28:33 CET 2017

Hi guys, <>

Gzip tag, in the format section, shows a possible flag of ‘u’ representing a Gunzip-test

In my varnishstat output I see how MAIN.n_gunzip equals (roughly) MAIN.backend_req

Looking at the Gzip tag, I see the following for every backend request:

Gzip           u F - 70 55 80 80 489

Can someone help me understand what a Gunzip-test means / does? It sure gets counted against MAIN.n_gunzip.

Am not attaching the VCL or a full varnishstat as I don’t think it makes sense. Each backend sends gzipped data back to Varnish and each client requests for gzipped data from Varnish.. 


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