Unexplained Cache MISSes

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at varni.sh
Thu Jun 1 01:33:01 CEST 2017

> Sorry about missing the list off the CC, was an oversight on my part, must
> have hit the wrong button and missed that I did that.

No worries, reading my previous email I must say that remark doesn't
look nice. I wrote it in a rush like I often do on this list.

> It's not due to other requests happening between. As Guillaume says the age
> is high, and also I checked many of these in varnishlog by looking at all
> entries for the URL and there is never a request in between.

There's no ordering guarantee in the varnishlog output, although they
should likely be ordered since they share the same hash. You'd need to
check the Timestamp records to get a grasp of chronology.

> Perhaps a good next step would be for me to set up a minimal install on a
> fresh CentOS 7 instance and see if I can reproduce there with minimal VCL?
> Although there is nothing in the VCL I have that should cause this
> intermittent behaviour.

If it's a bug, it might be one of those hard to reproduce...

Amazingly enough I never looked at the logs of a purge, maybe ExpKill
could give us a VXID to then check against the hit. If only SomeoneElse(tm)
could spare me the time and look at it themselves and tell us (wink wink=).


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