HTTP Digest Authentication in varnish4

Donath, Niklas Niklas.Donath at
Thu Mar 2 10:18:13 CET 2017

Hi there,

i am currently trying to put varnish in front of a restful webservice with an existing http digest authentication.
Does anyone already had this use case and could give me a hint or an example code on how to set this up properly?
I didn’t find useful information in the varnish docs. The e-book “Getting started with Varnish Cache” only scratches that topic.
Examples I found about basic authentication do not really match because the authentication is implemented on varnish side only.
I would like to pass through the authentication to the backend because I don’t want to add user handling in varnish itself.
In my understanding, the authentication works as follows:

-          1st request: no authentication, passed to the backend, backend response with nonce in header

-          2nd request: client sends user credentials, passed to the backend, server gives proof (200) or fail (401)

-          3rd request: probably cache hit, request with auth credentials is “forked” as HEAD request, sent to the backend, server gives proof (200) or fail (401)
Am I getting this right, am I probably missing something?
Thank you in advance for any input and/or feedback!


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