Varnish5 / h2 Support

Leon Fauster leonfauster at
Sat Mar 4 20:04:37 CET 2017


just joined this list a couple of minutes ago. Saying that also to 
acknowledge that varnish for me as a tool is being used since short 
time. In general i am requesting for patience. Thanks. 

I'm starting in whole. Basically directly with varnish5 and http/2. 
Therefore some question to clarify my big picture. 

How experimental is this h2 support (as stated in the docs)? 
Should I deploy my prod system with varnish5 and h2 support enabled or not? 

Is the h2 support limited to the browser2varnish interaction? 
What about varnish2backendwebserver (the logs shows that some 
requests reaches the last layer (webserver) as http/1.1 and a 
few as http/2 mainly 404-requests -> its confusing)?

Sorry for the many questions. 

As stated before I'm starting right now ... 

Currently I have a setup like this 

Browser -> TLSTerm -> Varnish5 -> ApacheWithH2/H2C

working. What kind of stresstest (tool) do you suggest (with h2 support)?

Thanks in advance! 

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