Server requirements for installing Varnish

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Thu Mar 16 13:37:15 CET 2017

Doesn't "yum install varnish" just work? The package manager should pull
all the required packages for you.

Guillaume Quintard

On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 1:05 PM, Magical Wonders <myles at>

> Hello Guys,
> I'm searching for some step by step instructions for the installation of
> Varnish, but I'm finding so many variations, it's making my head spin!
> I have a VPS running CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 virtuozzo. I found this resource
> which looks fairly straightforward as I do have cPanel/WHM -
> Varnish-with-CPanel-and-CentOS-to-cache-static-content-on-server
> I know I would need to change the "rpm -Uvh
> redhat/varnish-3.0/el5/noarch/varnish-release-3.0-1.noarch.rpm" to get
> the latest version, but not sure what the correct syntax for that would be?
> However, I've now seen this reference -
> varnish-cache-on-centos-6-7/  which says that Varnish relies on Jemalloc
> and says it should be installed! What the heck is Jemalloc? I can't see it
> mentioned anywhere else online in regards to installing Varnish. I found a
> mention of it in the Wiki though - https://www.varnish-software.
> com/wiki/search.html?q=Jemalloc&check_keywords=yes&area=default
> Looking at the FAQ in Wiki I can see that the following packages are also
> required in order for Varnish to work -
> autoconf
> automake
> jemalloc-devel
> libedit-devel
> libtool
> ncurses-devel
> pcre-devel
> pkgconfig
> python-docutils
> python-sphinx
> graphviz
> Navigation on a server is not my strong point. Are the packages likely to be referenced in one location? In other words, how do I find out if I've already got them?
> Hope someone can advise.
> Myles
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