Varnish5 / h2 Support

Leon Fauster leonfauster at
Fri Mar 17 02:58:33 CET 2017

> Am 04.03.2017 um 20:24 schrieb Poul-Henning Kamp <phk at>:
> In message <2FE9E296-BD63-490C-8CF3-0BE73FB22C42 at>, Leon Fauster 
> writes:
>> How experimental is this h2 support (as stated in the docs)? 
>> Should I deploy my prod system with varnish5 and h2 support enabled or not? 
> V5 is fine for production, H2 is not (yet).
> V5.1 will be out in two weeks, and it will have better H2 support,
> but exactly how good is too early to say yet.

thanks for the new 5.1.1 release. I got it packaged on 
CentOS 6. The webstack with hitch and httpd24 is working 
with h2.

Any suggestion to stress test this setup (specially h2), 
next to	 h2load -c 100 -n 1000 https://server1/ and more 
prod traffic ...?


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