Method to block IPs in DB with Varnish?

Devin Acosta devin at
Sun Mar 26 06:15:02 CEST 2017

I have been testing out Varnish and simply have been impressed with what I
have seen so far. The only issue I am trying to figure out so that I can
implement it in my environment is currently we use OSSEC and have it
blocking traffic for periods of time if it notices questionable behavior.

What would be the best/easiest way for me to have OSSEC say update some
type of database (memcache/redis/mongo) and add IPs to the list for a
period of time and if the remote IP matches the IP address block the
traffic for a period of time in Varnish? I see it has quite a powerful VCL
language but not quite sure what my code would look like to accomplish this

Anyone help/suggestions on this topic?


Devin Acosta
Red Hat Certified Architect, LinuxStack
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