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So have something like this
    set req.backend_hint = wpponline;
    } else if ( ==  "<^(?=.*?\bsupport\b)(?=.*?\bwpponline\b)(?=.*?\bcom\b).*$>"){
       set req.backend_hint = support;

I have a totally different backend that and I also have<> and then I have a and then I also have

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Also can I use regex to identify I have several support backend servers that correlate to specific websites so say that I just wanted to use the name instead of the IP?

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Your backends might look like

backend www {

    .host = "";

    .port = "80";


backend support {

    .host = "";

    .port = "80";


The names are just labels.

To use backends like this, see


On 27/03/17 16:32, Rodney Bizzell wrote:
Let me rephrase the question. I have a domain name<> and then there is a support website called To create the backend server it doesn't allow for the period is there a way to allow for this in the backend server name

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